053 - Intentionality Deficit with Subtle Distinctions


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If you regularly find yourself asking, “How did I get here?” you may be suffering from intentionality deficit disorder. If you are living intentionally, you are always conscious of your intended destination and the ‘why’ that drives you there. If you have an intentionality deficit, you will be taken on a journey of chance encounters that will lead you somewhere, but not necessarily anywhere that you want to be. Matt D’Amour and Linwood Paul, through their coaching company, Subtle Distinctions, are determined to help people clearly understand what they really want so that they can sculpt their lives in accordance with that. In today’s episode, they share what that process looks like and the simple steps you can take to begin your own journey of intention.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What it means to have an intentionality deficit disorder.
  • The question that many people ask that signals a likely intentionality deficit.
  • ‘Mental garbage’ that permeates our lives.
  • Step one on the journey towards intentional living; understanding your why.
  • How to determine which parts of your life came about through intentionality versus those which came through chance.
  • Fear that so many people have around changing their identity.
  • Why your intention is like a filtration system.
  • How manifestation compares to being intentional.
  • Questions that will help you better understand your purpose.

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