EBB 246 - Debunking Infant Food Reactivity Myths with Dr. Trill Paullin, Molecular Biologist and Founder of Free to Feed


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On today’s podcast, we’re going to talk with Molecular Biologist and Founder of Free to Feed, Dr. Trill Paullin (She/Her), about misconception in infant feeding and infant food reactivity.

Dr. Trill is mother to two beautiful daughters who had severe infant food reactions to proteins transferred from her diet to breast milk. After processing the painful fact that she could hurt her children through breastfeeding, she started researching how to produce breast milk they could properly digest.

Dr. Trill has discovered that many parents experience the same troubling situation. She has created a place for parents to find answers to their questions about infant food reactivity and empower them to reach their feeding goals. Free to Feed was born to provide the research, resources, and support she wished they had early on. They have started this mission by creating an annual subscription to empower parents through their food allergy journey, a tracking app built specifically for this space, personal consultations, as well as an allergy friendly post-natal multivitamin. Free to Feed’s team is working hard towards launching an at-home test strip that will allow parents to analyze their breast milk for allergens.

We talk about the misconceptions of allergy versus intolerance, what food reactivity actually looks like and how it occurs, and the common foods infants react to and how to remove them from human milk.

Content Warning: fear of a child dying, a description of a serious infant food reaction with bloody diapers, and gendered language related to lactation.


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