Is Proof of Stake a security? A Debate! Adam Cochran vs Adam Levitin


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"I'll take the opposed, in that I think there is decent precedent to find ETH to not be a security in a post-merge environment. Let's breakdown some specifics:"

In this readthrough I'm going to Twitter for the first time to read a 43 long tweet thread (yup - 43 tweets) by @adamscochran, aka Adam Cochran, Partner at CEHV and Adj. Professor of Info Sci/Biz Analysis. He analyzes whether Ethereum's shift to Proof of Stake makes it eligible to be names a security by the SEC and analyzes Ethereum vs the Howie test, previous rulings in the US court system and theories of what different staking make ups could lead to.


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Follow Adam on Twitter: @adamscochran

Adam Levitin's tweet thread making the case for why PoS is a security:

Adam Chocran's tweet thread responding and making the case why PoS is NOT a security:

Adam has put the thread into a website:

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