Full Motion Analysis Using Smartphones Transforming Physical Therapy with Tomer Shussman and Hila Glick OneStep TRANSCRIPT


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Tomer Shussman is CEO and Hila Glick, VP of Physical Therapy and Customer Experience of OneStep and we talk about the ways OneStep is set to augment PT for both patients and their physical therapists using the patient's smartphone. OneStep is a smartphone-based digital physical therapy service that provides around-the-clock dedicated physical therapy courses, clinical-grade motion analysis, and real-time feedback and progress reports of patients. Using the smartphone as the gait lab equivalent, OneStep is able to measure walking in all kinds of environments and when performing day-to-day activities.

Tomer explains, "What we are doing, and in that way, we are changing physical therapies substantially, in that we are enabling physical therapy to continue outside of the clinic. So, we augment the physical therapists, allowing them to treat more patients from the convenience of home, for both the PT and the patient. And that way, we enable the patients to, for example, exercise five minutes a day, their own time, build life-lasting habits, instead of having to drive to the clinic and then meet the PT once a week, every week."

Hila says, "While physical therapy is a practice that you do with hands-on, I was amazed to see how wonderful and meaningful results you can get with working remotely and what amazing connections and tremendous results are possible for walking and recovery when you work with a PT remotely."

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