47. Adulthood is a hustle. It requires OVERTHINKING, at the very least.


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I wanted to grow up so bad. Why? Being an adult means you are constantly putting out fires. You are constantly writing emails to advocate for fair treatment, fair pay, fair healthcare, etc… Adulting is hard. Why the hell didn’t someone warn me like 75 times? Do not get me wrong. I'm not telling kids and wayward young adults not to grow up. PLEASE DO GROW UP AND BE AN ADULT THAT STANDS ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS. We need more accountable adults in the world. However, hitherto, and forthwith ... adulting is hard and it causes me to overthinking everything. Especially as a parent. My next move, always has to be my best move. ... and boy have I made some mistakes finding that wisdom. This podcast is related to this blog post --> read it here --> https://efabuloushb.wordpress.com/2021/02/24/adulting-is-a-hustle/ --> As always follow me online at EfabulousHB.com or on FB / Twitter / IG --> @EfabulousHB ---> PS, I use colorful language allllllllll the time. Soz.

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