EDSG Episode 133 - The Eye of Throal


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* Secret Societies: The Eye of Throal

* Hey listeners, is there anything you would like us to cover? Whether new or revisited?

* One of the largest movers and shakers in the Secret Societies book.

* Thera doesn’t know who runs it, but it is revealed in the Throal sourcebook: J’role.

* Five major leaders below the Senior Gatherer, only one known by the Therans.

* Discussion in this episode about the “present day” Eye might differ from eventual published material.

* One of the largest (if not the largest) intelligence network in Barsaive.

* Essay focuses mostly about Throal’s connections and interactions with other powers in Barsaive.

* Partnership between the Eye of Throal and His Majesty’s Diplomatic Corps

* Role of the Eye in late first edition products and potential role in the fourth edition timeline.

* Using the Eye of Throal in adventures and campaigns.

* Not just an employer – use as a complicating factor.

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