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Dana and Aric (@RUBravoBro) talk about Jen Shah berating her former designer Koa and other Shah employees. Leaked videos and audio of Shady Shah losing her shit. Just FYI @RUBravoBro did NOT release these videos. The Shah Sheep's thoughts on these recordings. Are there videos and secret recordings of Dana? A timeline of Koa and Jen Shah's relationship? When did he unfollow her? What is Koa's statement in regards to all the Jen mess? Is this truly all about the reunion dress? Who is her new designer? What do Dana and Aric think Coach Shah's reaction is to all of this? What's the gossip on Coach and Jen's relationship? Jen Shah made Koa take a drug test? Did Lisa Barlow set up her own fan accounts? Casey nails a massively beautiful prank on Dana and Aric. Jen's cease and desist Instagram messages... Dana has a new show idea for Jen. Angie Harrington to replace Jen? UPDATE: JEN SHAH HAS BEEN ARRESTED.
How much time is she looking at? How much money might she owe? What are the charges? Who is involved in this inditement thus far? Flight risk or nah? Plea deals?
Andy Cohen and Bravo's reaction to Jen Shah and Shed Media's background checks.
Southern Charm's nanny lawsuit...
Dana gets Legally Blonde on us and breaks down sentencing guidelines. What could the collateral be like for Jen?
Dana has a challenge for the listeners...
What company was Jen using to steal money? Stories from the victims of Jen's company in question...
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