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Bradford Hansen-Smith spent the first half of his life as a sculptor; then it changed. Inspired by the work of Buckminster Fuller he took ten years to educate himself in geometry and math seeing that it all goes back to the image we draw of the circle. The next thirty-two years he has been exploring folding circles with people interested. Without any degree, and no certification, he taught folding circles in and out of classrooms, from first grade through college level, working with teachers, presenting internationally a new approach to geometry and mathematics, a new way to do and think about what we do. During that time, he has written seven books and has published papers on folding circles.
He calls this approach Wholemovement, folding the circle for information. It is comprehensive through the hand-on experience of folding the circle as unity and observing what is revealed. This is about the transforming changes of order and organization all in one place; nothing is added or taken away. Information is not constructed or put into the circle. Through a principled sequence of folding, observing, and reforming, the directives for the process are inherent to unity in the circle, it is whole. Folding the circle demonstrates spherical unity beyond all other shapes and forms. It is about learning to see what is not seen, attending to what we do, and to use what is revealed to discover what we do not know. This provides any folder with experience to know circles are not what we are told they are, they are so much more: as it is with most information we are given.
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