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6.11.22 part 1 of 5

Taco Smell, Opiates, and Surveys

I had the worst dining experience lately at Taco Smell which was absolute proof that customer service is dead in Merica. A bunch of punks cranking gangster rap, the dining room was filthy and there was this palatable vibe that they just didn’t want anybody in the dining room. They did everything short of saying dining room is closed, you’re gonna need to get that to go.

My roommate Jordan in San Francisco worked for a call center that was raising money for the SF Sheriff's department. The guy that ran the call center was a full-on junkie and would supply the workers with speed with the logic that they would be good on the phones if they were high out of their minds. One day Jordan went to go use the bathroom and when he opened the door to the restroom, he saw his boss nodded out on heroin on the toilet, with his pants down, and a needle stuck in his arm. Just another day at the office.....LOL

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