Infections in Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities with Dr Buffy Lloyd-Krejci


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Today my guest is Dr Buffy Lloyd-Krejci one of the foremost authorities on infection prevention and control in nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

Her Phoenix-based practice, IPCWell, is devoted to reducing infections, antibiotic resistance, re-admissions, and death in healthcare settings across the country and around the

world. She is a frequent contributor and interview source for national and trade press concerning infection prevention and control and mitigation.

Dr Buffy is also the Author of Broken How the Global Pandemic Uncovered a Nursing Home System in Need of Repair and The Heroic Staff Fighting for Change. As she states in her book “The stories have all been the same: lack of support, lack of understanding, and a governmental approach that includes a system of bullying, fines, and punishment that dictate every change in this healthcare setting.” These issues were exacerbated during the pandemic.

But even before the COVID-19 pandemic, infectious diseases ran rampant in US nursing homes. Between one and three million infections resulted in 380,000 deaths among nursing home residents each year. That’s over 1,000 people per day. All because the nursing home industry has been struggling with infection prevention and control practices (IPC) for decades.

Dr Buffy and I speak about the challenges staff face when dealing with infections, the Quality Improvement Organization referred to as QIO’s which is a group of health quality experts, clinicians and consumers organized to improve the quality of care delivered to people with Medicare, her observations about infection control that began during the H1N1 outbreak, the necessity and frustration of regulations and how you can help your care partner while they are living in these communities.

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