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People are wondering why the Metaverse graphics suck? Even after $177 Billion has been spent. It looks similar to what Second Life was years ago.

Our simple thought is, it is not a priority for those developing it right now.

There are real challenges to delivering great graphics. Even if Pixar or other Hollywood CGI houses did the graphics, the hardware and bandwidth is going to hinder delivery right now. Which means the experience of play may suffer.

Having said that, graphics and design are incredibly important. Steve Jobs knew it. Sushi restaurants know it. Presentation is as important as the meal itself.

Week 35, Year 2022, Episode 25.


(00:00:00) Intro Song

(00:00:23) Welcome

(00:00:38) Disclosures

(00:01:03) Metaverse Graphics Priority

(00:02:29) Can't Be Evil NFT Licenses

(00:03:05) Sues After Error

(00:03:25) FBI Asked DeFi Platforms To Increase Security duh

(00:03:38) Crypto Regulations A Comin

(00:04:18) Tech Firms In Race To Hire Policy Leaders

(00:04:33) Web3 Team at Snap Get Clipped

(00:04:41) No Ethereum Forks for OpenSea

(00:04:55) Binance Under Investigation

(00:05:01) LA Tastemaker NFT Event On Fairfax

(00:05:48) Indo Crypto Exchange

(00:05:54) Ethermine Staking

(00:06:04) ENS Service Banking

(00:06:10) Michael Saylor Being Sued for Tax Evasion

(00:06:24) Coinbase Mispricing

(00:06:34) Helium Considering Switch to Solana

(00:06:45) NFTDiscovery Engines

(00:07:14) Tough Love for Snoop and Eminem

(00:07:51) In Closing


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