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Today we look at how things in the modern world affect training and more specifically our schedules. Working at home can create more time, but it adds challenges. The traditional Monday through Sunday training schedule can be flipped upside down. We’ll look at how adjustments can and should be made to make your life and training easier, but also more effective. We also get into the murky territory of over-training and how that is usually the number one reason for slow race times and DNFs.


  • What’s a good bib number?
  • Who’s the boss?
  • Keeping Ironman memorabilia
  • Being Flexible

1. Don't try to fit a square peg into a round hole

2. If the usual schedule does not fit for you, find a new one.

3. Maximize time and efficiency (give examples)

4. Work in microcycles that also fit the big picture

5. Understand your limitations, then maximize your availability and align with expectations

6.. Don't be afraid of doing something different.

  • Set yourself up for stress or success?
  • Look for pockets of success
  • Ever changing schedules
  • Stacking bikes and runs
  • Stacking bikes and swims
  • Make the pool trips worth your while
  • It’s your life
  • How is this benefiting me, and why?
  • Why people are slower and DNF more often
  • It’s being appropriately trained

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