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Stop number three: A League of Her Own! A League of Her Own, or ALOHO for short, was founded in 2018. These are the stories of the humans that run ALOHO and the humans that call ALOHO a home. Plus, the story of As You Are Bar, a new queer space opening soon in D.C.

Laurel has been coming to ALOHO since it opened: so frequently, the staff jokes they should put a plaque on her stool. If General Manager Ally Spaulding isn’t behind the bar with a full face of colorful and sparkly makeup, then she’s hosting her weekly trivia night in drag. Garnet bartends at ALOHO, where her passion is making patrons feel comfortable, seen, and represented with her personhood behind the bar. Andrea Prudencia also bartends at ALOHO, and she says the community there has uplifted and embraced her as she began hormone therapy after coming out as trans. Jo and Rach met working at ALOHO and are in the process of opening a new queer space in Washington, DC: As You Are Bar.

Episode 03 Terms You Might Not Know:

AFAB: Assigned Female at Birth
AMAB: Assigned Male at Birth

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