Climate change communication with Jill Kubit, co-founder of Dear Tomorrow


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Join us and our fantastic guest Jill Kubit as we cover climate communication, cultural work, climate legacy, talking to kids about climate, and much much more.
0 - 4:20: Jill's introduction and background
4:20 - 7:30: Jill's thoughts on the climate labor movement
7:30 - 12:10: Why and how Dear Tomorrow was created
12:10 - 17:35: What is Dear Tomorrow? What makes it so powerful?
17:35 - 28:07: The real-world ripple effects of Dear Tomorrow
28:07 - 33:30: Cultural Work in the climate space
33:30 - 37:18: The events and art exhibits that have featured Dear Tomorrow
37:18 - 41:50: How COVID-19 has impacted Dear Tomorrow
41:50 - 55:10: Jill's work with Our Kid's Climate and how to talk to kids about climate
55:10 - 58:50: Advice for those who feel like they won't make a difference in the climate fight
58:50 - 1:00:20: Jill's call to action for listeners
1:00:20 - 1:03:00: Tips on talking to people about climate
- Letter writing project and toolkit
- Dear Tomorrow's audio-visual installation
- Instagram: @deartomorrow
- Facebook: DearTomorrow
- Recommended book: "How to talk to your kids about climate change"
- Climate Outreach
- Katharine Hayhoe Ted Talk
- Sign Up for the Crowdsourcing Sustainability Newsletter
- Crowdsourcing Sustainability Website
- Our Instagram: @crowdsourcingsustainability

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