S06 Episode 264 | Greenwashing in fashion and the need for mandatory measures & regulation


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In episode 264, Kestrel welcomes George Harding-Rolls (the Campaigns Advisor at Changing Markets Foundation) and Amy Nguyen (a strategist, researcher and writer focused on the nexus between sustainable business, fashion, innovation and technology) to the show. George and Amy are part of the team behind the recently launched website – Greenwash.com.

"We need to completely rethink about how we’re gonna shift this system — it’s gotta be about changing the rules of the game, like rip up the rules of the current way that we buy fashion and the current way that we produce fashion, and think about — what does this look like in a fashion system that works within planetary boundaries?” -George

I imagine you may have noticed it — but, fashion has a greenwashing problem.

This week’s guests, George and Amy, are behind a new platform called GREENWASH.com that is powered by Changing Markets Foundation. They are dedicated to exposing the greenwashers across fashion.

For a little context on how this new platform is framing the conversation – when you land on GREENWASH.com (or a virtual laundrette as they call it) – this is what you’ll read:

“59% of green claims are misleading or unsubstantiated. For some of the worst offenders, this is as much as 90%. Greenwashing is a smokescreen that makes people believe change is really happening … when it’s not. In reality, fashion’s toll on the planet is getting worse.”

Quotes & links from the conversation:

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