S05 Episode 246 | Nia Thomas on building an autobiographical brand & breaking up with plug and play approaches to doing fashion


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In episode 246, Kestrel welcomes Nia Thomas, the founder and designer of her eponymous label, to the show. An ethically made, independent autobiographical fashion brand, Nia Thomas was created for all beings who respect Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.

“Fashion was never just about the garment or the clothes — I felt like it really is an ethos. Like fashion is about the restaurants you like to eat, the movies you like to watch, the museums you go to with your friends on the weekend, where you like to travel to on holiday. And creating this world of evolution, because as we get older, we change; we’re evolutional beings, and how our wardrobe is affected by that.” -Nia

If you’ve taken any fashion businesses courses, or if you’re tapped into the marketing space, I would imagine that you’ve heard the idea that we need to focus on one thing and do it well. Or maybe you’ve heard about the importance of honing in on a hyper specific quote unquote demographic, to ensure you’re actually entering the market in the *right* way?

This week’s guest is totally resisting all of the above business ideals in the most beautiful way. From her eclectic and you could say unexpected product offering, to making styles for many bodies, Nia Thomas describes her label as an “autobiographical brand”.

On the show, she shares more on how she allows her own evolution to consistently influence her brand — giving space for Nia Thomas to continue to transition into new stages, that are reflective of her own growth as a human.

Quotes & links from the conversation:

  • “I feel the word sustainability itself means everything and nothing at the same time — because it’s really hard to verify things.” -Nia

  • Nia Thomas interview on Melanin & Sustainable Style

  • “Am I a fashion designer or am I a multitasking problem solver because that’s the bulk of what it takes when you’re doing all the parts.” -Nia

  • The Responsible Company by Yvon Choinard, book Kestrel mentions

  • Nia Thomas YouTube >

  • Follow Nia on Instagram >

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