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This episode features a panel discussion held at the British Science Festival Live in Chelmsford, UK, in September 2021. The theme was fake news and how to tackle the spread of scientific misinformation.

The panelists discuss how social media algorithms help the spread of misinformation and fake news, they speak about the language to be aware of when spotting misinformation in science, and how the fallacies of race science have spread over time.

They also take questions from the audience on the best ways to help prevent the spread of fake news, who is responsible for tackling misinformation and more.

The panelists were computer scientist and author of Rage Inside the Machine, Robert Elliot Smith and academic and author of Skin Deep, Gavin Evans. The discussion was hosted by neuroscientist and author of The Gendered Brain, Gina Rippon. Gina also launched her new Noise in Neuroscience project, which aims to tackle sexist science.

Host: Gina Rippon

Producer: Hester Cant

Artwork: Hana Ayoob

Music: George Ash

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