CFP 028: Ditch Hourly Billing and Deliver Superior Service with Jonathan Stark – Part 1


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If you're still billing clients by the hour, you may be depriving both yourself and your customers of some serious value. What could you gain if you were focused on producing great work efficiently, rather than watching the clock?

Jonathan is a podcaster, mobile strategy consultant, and software developer. He's also dedicated to helping freelancers move into a value-based pricing model to make their work and their lives better.

Here's What You'll Discover:

  • Why quitting hourly billing is one of the biggest obstacles we face in professional services.
  • How charging a flat-fee changes everything about your business, including interactions with clients.
  • The three key reasons you should stop billing hourly to provide better quality and more efficient service.
  • Why value-based pricing will help you build tools and systems in your business that make you better at your job.
  • The key realization that your clients would rather have your work than the money they're giving you for it.

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