CarlGould-#70secondCEO-Negative Thoughts Car Services -Part 2


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  1. Negative Thoughts & Car Services -Part 2

Hi everyone, Carl Gould here with your #70secondCEO. Just a little over a one minute investment every day for a lifetime of results.

Right? That's where your head went? Or did your head go to the positive? Oh, great, I haven't been there in a while. So nice to visit an old friend. As a matter of fact, I'll have all this time to myself because there's no WiFi there. And I get to spend the whole day because they never seem to honor an appointment. So I'll have this hugely positive experience of sitting in a waiting room on a cardboard box with other equally frustrated customers. And I'll sit there waiting all day only to be given a bill that's a lot higher than the one that was my estimate. Where did your head go? It went to the negative, didn't it? Right? That's by far and away the feedback that I've gotten over the years from prospects unless you're selling a dream item or bucket list item, everybody goes to the positives. And even if you do sell a bucket list item, or a dream list item, if you don't produce an equal experience to you know the excitement and desire that they have about that transaction, you're going to end up leaving disappointed.

Like and follow this podcast so you can learn more. My name is Carl Gould and this has been your #70secondCEO.

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