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  1. Making a Promise - Part 3

Hi everyone, Carl Gould here with your #70secondCEO. Just a little over a one minute investment every day for a lifetime of results.

In complaints about contractors in my niche, where you don't start on time, you don't finish on time, you're going to change order the project way beyond its budget, meaning, you know, tell me when price it's going to be higher later, you had inexperienced workers on the job site and you don't guarantee your work. You don't stand behind your work. I have no way to know, you know, a year from now if I'm ever going to see you again if I need you. So what I did was I created. I went to a dual pricing system, okay. The dual pricing system said, every time you asked me for something, I'm gonna give you two options going forward. I had what was called the standard and something called the guarantee. The standard was the standard proposal based on your scope of work. What did you want me to do? Here was my standard response. Then I offered another option. The other option was the guarantee. Now the guarantee said that I was going to handle those five complaints. The top five things that you told me were the complaints. I took care of that.

Like and follow this podcast so you can learn more. My name is Carl Gould and this has been your #70secondCEO.

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