Marlboro Pinks: The Thing About Komen


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Pinktober is almost upon us, and…ya know, we don’t care if you relax with a Mike’s Hard Lemonade For The Cure™️, but you should know the truth about Susan G. Komen. First, though, join us for a quick bummer chat. We’ve all lost friends to this dumb disease. It’s what makes cancer so scary, after all—for some of us, it’s deadly. Are the unique connections we make with other cancer people worth it when you know their friendship might be a limited time offer? Obviously, we say yes. Then, it’s back to Susan G. Regulators, mount up! Questionable partnerships, research funding that doesn’t fund much, and pink ribbon lawsuits? We’d rather put our money toward ACTUALLY fighting breast cancer, or at least helping breast cancer patients directly. Now that Komen & friends have made us all super “aware,” can we order a side of cancer cures? Or even some education and prevention plz?? Preferably with less sexism and commodification, and with some gender inclusion?? PROMISE ME! Then, RATS would like you to meet Enhertu, the rising star for HER2 posi babes. A reduced risk of progression might be your DESTINY.

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