The Doodle (S6E20) with Author Mitch Wolfe


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This week Ivan, Stephen and special guest Mitch Wolfe eat Mackinaw peaches and get their homes exterminated as they talk about the secondary characters from the final Season 6 episode and penultimate episode of BIDWBASC, The Doodle.

Topics covered include having something to show after the COVID lockdown, showing old scripts to land acting roles, partner hygiene, and old people being hedonistic; Seinfeldisms (from 13:56), Seinfeld News (from 16:31), episode trivia (from 22:43); secondary characters Paula (from 29:51), Shelly (from 37:12), Mandel (from 44:10), and Helen, Morty, Uncle Leo and Nana in the context of this episode (from 51:03).

Where will the episode and/or any of the secondaries appear in our list of the greatest episodes and characters of all time? Listen and find out!

Mitch is a first time author based in Phoenix, Arizona. He has written ‘Not That There Is Anything Wrong with That’: 10 Essays of Varying Importance About Seinfeld’, which includes essays on theories about where Kramer gets his money, a power ranking of the top 100 secondary characters on the show, and much more! He was inspired to write them after 2020’s COVID lockdown.

You can preorder ‘Not That There Is Anything Wrong with That’ as an eBook or a Print on Demand copy on Amazon, or you can buy the physical version at

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Seinfeld News

Seinfeld Funko Pops are coming!

A band called ‘Lo Talker’ will be releasing their new album soon. They talk about their love for Seinfeld and noise rock in a recent interview:

Jerry appeared on The Tonight Show last week admitting that he would have been an auto journalist if his comedy career didn’t work out:

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