Everything the Same, Everything Different, with Diane Musho Hamilton


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In this episode, Vince Horn is joined in dialogue, once again, by Diane Musho Hamilton–Zen teacher, professional meditator, and Integral facilitator. The conversation begins with Vince's reflections on an Integral Facilitator Training that he attended with Diane, where a bulk of the training centered around facilitating small group conversations around issues related to differences of identity. After discussing a number of topics that are often taken up in the Social Justice movement, and an Integral perspective on these topics, the conversation turned toward the role of the Teacher, and on transmission, hierarchy, embodiment, feedback, and projection.

Memorable Quotes:

“I found that rather than trying to teach stage models to groups, that I like to invoke them into models.” - Diane Musho Hamilton

“We don’t challenge basketball coaches the way we challenge spiritual teachers.” - Diane Musho Hamilton

“Every moment of adulation is followed by a great disappointment.” - Diane Musho Hamilton

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