#401 Flowing with Jon Boogz


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Shannon’s guest this week on the Bruce Lee Podcast is long time friend, movement artist and director, Jon Boogz. Jon and Shannon met more than a decade ago at a taping of So You Think You Can Dance, and they have been friends ever since! Shannon has watched Jon’s star rise over the last decade and it is rising still. She’s witnessed him go from living in a tiny apartment with 3 other dancers to working with such greats as Mikhail Baryshnikov, Naomi Campbell, and Gloria Estefan. Jon’s performances and choreography have been featured in Pharrell’s Adidas Original’s campaign and the Adidas Tribute to Standing Rock at ComplexCon, as well as on the new series on Starz Blindspotting. Boogz also co-founded Movement Art Is with fellow dancer, collaborator and friend Lil Buck in 2016 and together they have created projects that merge movement with social issues. Jon is passionate about dance and movement as a medium for self expression and higher awareness. Shannon loved their conversation and she feels like Jon really embodies the soul of an artist and expresses himself beautifully. She thinks for some, this conversation can help offer a window into parts of Bruce Lee’s soul as a movement artist as well. Check out the shownotes for more about Jon and where you can connect with him. But for now, please listen to Shannon and Boogz get real on the Bruce Lee Podcast!

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