Back in Britain #5 | The UK vs the US (two countries divided by common clichés?)


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I've largely avoided comparisons between UK and US culture until now, despite it being a terribly popular topic online. It's really a whole sub-genre, and there are some people putting out great content on this topic, but it was a video by David Zarinksky - better known as 'The Bond Experience' - that has prompted me to make this episode. His video, with Calvin Dyson, is called "USA vs UK Bond Fans | The Differences and the Similarities", and I make a fair few references to it, so do check out his Youtube channel.
I talk about that for about 30 minutes, then give my report on life in the UK for the remaining 10, just after the sounds of the countryside. If you haven't heard of 'The Knitted Bible' exhibition, do check out their Facebook page.
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Oh, and why not check out my friend Caine's video on Christianity in Imperial China? You've heard him talk about British culture in many, many Deep Dives for this podcast. On his Youtube channel 'Videos by Caine', he covers this really cool topic.

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