BB196: Groom them to leave, treat them so they don’t featuring Dr. Shalini Nag


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Groom them to leave, treat them so they don’t
featuring Dr. Shalini Nag
Wrapping up the mini-series on how you can power up your people, this conversation reveals the mantra that can help any organization attract, hire, and retain the best employees.
#1 International Bestselling Business Author, Dr. Shalini Nag, Answers:

  • It’s been just about a year since we completed the book chapter! What’s changed?
  • What hasn’t changed through the pandemic?
  • Can you explain more about your second episode, which focuses on the Success Delta?
  • You mentioned that one of the challenges business owners are facing now is attracting, hiring, and retaining top employees. What should we know?
  • What’s driving this newfound awareness of an already existing problem?
  • Knowing this, what should a Small Business Owner do?
  • How do we prevent employees from leaving?
  • You’ve been described by your clients and friends as innovative and versatile … what’s your secret?

Shalini's Special Invitation For You:
Begin your journey to embedding The Success Delta(TM) in your organization with this free guide on implementing ALLIES@Work(TM).
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Chapter: "Flip the Paradigm: Embrace the Human Approach to Boost your Business" in the book: "Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner - Volume 4". Click here to get the book on amazon:
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