What do Venture Capitalists Think About the Crypto Market?


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Like many buzzy, fast-growth, high-risk industries, companies operating in and around crypto and the blockchain have relied heavily on venture capital to fund their activities.

Venture capitalists, or VCs, manage pools of private money. What sets them apart from many other kinds of investors is that they focus on the riskiest possible bets - for every 10 or so investments, they expect at least eight or nine of them to fail. But what keeps them in business is that every now and again, one of those high-risk bets pays off spectacularly - covering the losses in the rest of the portfolio.

Given their appetite for risk and reward, it’s no surprise that for a time, VCs big and small flocked to crypto. But what does this relatively depressed environment mean for VC investments in digital assets? Bloomberg reporter Hannah Miller joins this episode to discuss.

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