Can a Christian Lose Their Salvation


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This is a topic of some controversy in the Christian world. It speaks to one who, at first, seems to be outwardly following the tenants of the Christian faith for a period of time. However, at some point, they begin to drift into unrepentant sin, actively deconstruct their faith, or, find some of their once-accepted Biblical Christian theology becoming untenable and they simply walk away from the Bible, church, Christian peers, etc. Do these changes suggest (1) a loss of salvation, (2) a temporary and recoverable drifting, or (3) are they just documenting the fact that they were never “saved” in the first place?
There is a continuing sin nature in the heart of all mankind, including the saved. We see it manifest itself in every Christian that has ever lived, except Jesus. For seekers to see any credibility in Biblical Christian evangelism, we need to acknowledge that reality and still be able to demonstrate a faith and hope for eternal life. Otherwise, we are hypocritical and legalistic as we suggest we have to fully resist sin that is not demonstrated by our behavior (Rom. 7:16-18). However, there is no question that the saved need to be convicted of their sin, and repentance is evidence of our continuing desire to love and serve God and our brothers and sisters in Christ (Matt. 18:21). In my view, that process is contained within sanctification, while on the narrow path toward eternal life with God, and not a constantly flipping Heaven/Hell switch that one is never sure will be on the Heaven side at the point of death.

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