Turning Chaos into Profits with Top Chef's Tyler Anderson


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Tyler Anderson is a chef and owner of multiple high-end restaurants. He’s also a James Beard award-nominee and appeared on both The Food Network and Top Chef on Bravo.

If you’re thinking, didn’t you recently interview a restaurant owner? I did. This is a companion episode to my conversation with Pam Paydos. In fact, Pam connected me with Tyler in the first place many years ago.

Pam’s restaurant Popover and Tyler’s flagship restaurant Millwrights are in the same small Connecticut town. And, like Pam, Tyler has not only stayed in business, but remained a pillar of the community through all the insanity of the last year.

But that’s where the similarities stop.

See, while Pam’s restaurant is a tiny breakfast and lunch bakery nestled in a quaint shopping plaza, Tyler’s Millwrights is a massive fine dining dinner establishment overlooking a waterfall.

While Pam’s Pivot was to remodel, nurture the relationship with loyal customers, and make the most of her petite square footage… Tyler built dine-in greenhouses.

Honestly, this episode is wild. And I don’t want to spoil it.


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