How to Stand Out and Lead Your Industry with Jesse Cole


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Jesse Cole is the owner of the Savannah Bananas, a collegiate summer league baseball team based in Georgia.

Here’s a few facts about the Bananas:

  • They only sell one ticket and it’s all inclusive.
  • Their players perform choreographed dances every game.
  • They are the only baseball team to play in kilts.
  • Their coaching staff includes a 9-year-old and a grandma.
  • They have a senior citizen dance team called the Banana Nanas.
  • Their stadium is the first ever ad-free ballpack.
  • They have sold out every game since their first season.

And Jesse is known as the “man in the yellow tux,” because, well, he wears a yellow tux. Not just sometimes, but always.

I’ve been following Jesse’s journey for years. We were originally connected through Ron Holt, the founder and CEO of national franchise Two Maids & a Mop, who appeared on the podcast back in Season 2.

Jesse speaks and writes about leadership and service. He hosts the Business Done Differently podcast. And he wrote the book “Find Your Yellow Tux.”

In this conversation, Jesse takes me through the absolute devastation of taking a 7-figure loss in response to COVID, back in March of 2020. Not only did the Bananas’ survive the hit… not only did they keep every single staff member employed... but they literally reinvented the sport of baseball in the process.

This interview is hilarious, enlightening, moving, and inspiring.

You’ll learn how Jesse’s “fans first” philosophy inspired the most innovative period of his entrepreneurial journey, how he and his wife Emily’s history of crushing setbacks prepared him for this historic moment, and how you can lead your business, community, or family with selflessness and generosity.

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