How Your Attitude Can Make All the Difference with Melissa Impett


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Episode 22: How Your Attitude Can Make All the Difference with Melissa Impett Melissa hopes to inspire people to take the body they were blessed with and build it into the shape they've dreamed of through weightlifting, fitness and a little attitude adjustment. Getting fit isn't always easy, and it is not something you have to do alone. The #BeautifullyBuilt movement is a resource for you to learn, find motivation, get inspired, and ditch the scale. Melissa wants you to forget about how much you actually weigh and focus on strengthening your muscles AND your mind! In this episode of The Be Unapologetically You Podcast, Kelsey opens up the show talking with Melissa Impett about being sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Melissa reveals how she was a typical college student; barely going to class, eating everything on the meal plan, and always going to parties. At college is where Melissa learned people could actually enjoy working out, she started experimenting with diets and exercise shortly after that. Then, Melissa and Kelsey discuss how crucial it is to find a mentor, why Melissa was binge-eating, and how journaling can help channel your thoughts. Later, Melissa recommends weightlifting, working on your mindset, and overcoming your fears. Enjoy the show! Links/Resources Beautifully Built Podcast Episode 049: Have you ever suffered with Depression or Anxiety? Tune in to hear Kelsey’s story: Melissa’s Blog: Melissa’s Facebook: Melissa’ Instagram: Show Notes: • About Melissa 00:02:10 • Your body is up to you 00:06:40 • Instagram inspired Melissa 00:08:40 • Find a mentor 00:13:10 • Binge-eating and rushing towards your goals 00:15:25 • Having chefs for parents 00:18:05 • Kelsey’s biggest struggle 00:23:25 • Journaling helps you get to know yourself 00:25:30 • Weightlifting 00:29:45 If you like today’s episode, subscribe on Apple Podcasts and leave us a 5-star, positive review HERE.

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