Beating Adrenal Fatigue and Creating a Sustainable Lifestyle with Julianne Vaccaro


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Episode 21: Beating Adrenal Fatigue and Creating a Sustainable Lifestyle with Julianne Vaccaro Julianne Vaccaro is a Holistic Health Coach specializing in female empowerment, mindset shifts, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, and healing relationships with your body and food. Julianne loves all things relative to holistic health, mindfulness, self-love, body confidence, food freedom, and soul food. She dedicates her life to sharing her story and showing everyone how she went from a body-obsessed competitor with abusive relationships (including the one with herself) to a high-vibe, holistic healing, personal development, green juice drinking, weight lifting, spirituality junkie. In this episode of The Be Unapologetically You Podcast, Kelsey opens up the show talking with Julianne Vaccaro about her background with varying diets and exercise routines. Then Julianne opens up about having adrenal fatigue and how she always felt super tired, her hair fell out, and was continually blacking out. We learn that eating meat was the number one thing recommended for Julianne to overcome her adrenal fatigue. Later Julianne reveals what rest looks like for her, how to redefine your fitness and health routine, and what holistic wellness is. Morning routines brought out a perfectionist mindset in Julianne; however, she does limit her social media intake, take walks, and journal. Lastly, we learn about soul food and following your intuition. Enjoy the show! Links/Resources The Excellence Over Perfection Podcast: Julianne’s Website: Julianne’s Instagram: @juliannevaccaro Julianne’s Twitter: @juliannevaccaro Julianne’s Facebook Page: 7 Steps To Connect To Your Intuition: Show Notes: • About Julianne 00:01:40 • Adrenal fatigue 00:05:40 • How Julianne overcame adrenal fatigue 00:09:20 • Be mindful about rest 00:11:45 • Redefine your fitness and health routine 00:14:20 • Holistic living 00:18:15 • Routine and structure 00:22:40 • Soul food 00:27:45 • Follow your intuition 00:28:30 If you like today’s episode, subscribe on Apple Podcasts and leave us a 5-star, positive review.

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