Using Genuine Curiosity To Go the Extra Mile as a Leader with Anu Shukla


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Doing the work as a leader is not enough!!

You must market your leadership.

You must tell the story of you, your team, and your accomplishments.

If you don’t, nobody will truly know what you do.

In this episode, best-selling author and leadership coach Nils Vinje speaks with Anu Shukla, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at

We discussed how leaders need to market themselves to be heard, seen, and recognized.

Anu has been recognized as one of the top B2B Marketers in the world.

Buckle up and get your notepad ready for this episode!

Podcast highlights:

0:24 - Anu's background - Anu explains her role at

1:14 - The speed of marketing - How does this idea play into's automation?

7:18 - First leadership position - Anu got her start in leadership after graduating with an MBA in Ohio then immediately heading over to California.

11:49 - Navigating gray areas - How Anu learned skills that weren't a part of her background.

14:33 - Making yourself available - Anu tells a story about when she went back to Ohio.

19:14 - Anu's startup advice - Anu shares the most impactful stories and advice for individuals who are early in their journey.

26:30 - Sharing your story and results - Anu shares advice for how leaders can share their stories without feeling like they're bragging.

30:24 - Anu's advice to herself - What advice would Anu give her younger self?

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