Ep 183 | Viral B2B Content: the Business Case For It w/ Melissa Rosenthal


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We've all seen what viral B2B content can do for a brands, and secretly fantasize about how to create our own, but few of us have ever built a department around it.
That's why when I saw ClickUp's creative team churning out extremely creative, high performing content, multiple times a month, it was obivious we needed their head of creative on the show!
We've learned from Melissa Rosenthal about:
- What it takes execute a viral content strategy
- Why the halo effects of virality are often misunderstood and undervalued
- How unconventional viral content strategies compare to traditional marketing strategies like billboard advertising (they're more similar than you think)
- stick around for a Relationship Driven Growth Strategy Session immediately after the show!
Did we mention that my team absolutely LOVES Clickup as a tool??
You wont want to miss out on picking the extraordinary creative brain of Melissa Rosenthal!
Melissa is an award winning marketing executive and the Chief Creative Officer at ClickUp, focused on making the world more productive through best in class SaaS marketing!
Previously Melissa was the CRO/ Executive Vice President at Cheddar, a live video media company at the intersection of business news and culture. For her brand work, she was named to Forbes' 30 Under 30, Business Insider’s 30 Most Creative People Under 30 and as one of Digiday's "Changemakers."
Prior to Cheddar, she led BuzzFeed's Global Creative Team. Joining the staff in 2010, Rosenthal was a key contributor to the creation and early success of BuzzFeed's branded content native advertising model.
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Melissa Rosenthal
Virality is subjective, use the range of emotions, split it into what is the “range” we can “play” in depending on the focus for the B2B and how content might support how we explain the value add and what makes the most sense for B2B SaaS

Tip to think about

  • The “why” people comment, share, follow, listen, watch
  • There are ways to capitalize while offering value-added content
  • Observing the current content that has become “viral” and seeing what has worked
  • Injecting the “right” message
  • Humor, emotions

Clickup - how do you start

  • Melissa was recruited for the CMO position, she believes in a less traditional role
  • Hard for SaaS to be flexible and less traditional
  • Humanize the product, see it as a personality
  • Marketing just “feature-heavy” is so challenging

“At the end of the day, the “decision-makers” are still people.”

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