Ep. 49 - Guided Meditation for Forgiveness


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This Guided Meditation for Forgiveness stands alone and also supplements the previous guided meditation on Forgiveness and Release as well as podcast 47 on Forgiveness. In this guided meditation you are guided to relax, picture the person that you want to forgive, feel what comes up for you, let it burn off a bit and then soak up the healing power of your Being, Divine, etc. As you relax into your healing depth and all tensions, hurts, thoughts, etc release you begin to see the person who has hurt you shrink into a small child. You see their wounds and gain a perspective on why they have acted the way they have. From there, if you chose, you let the love you are now overflowing with flow into their wounds and heal them. You look them in the eyes and say, " I forgive you". Now you chose how to interact with this person or not. Do not drive and only listen when you are sitting or lying down fully attentive. You can stop anytime if this meditation arouses too many deep feelings. This is not psychotherapy. Consult a psychotherapist if you feel it would be helpful to you. www.williamecooper.wordpress.com for further writings and support.

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