Using Your Morning Routine to Write with Danét Palmer


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A Metaphysical Minister by profession, Danét Palmer worked as an inspirational pragmatic coach for many years. During that time, she helped create and facilitate intensive workshops and has also facilitated groups as well as individual and couples counseling, helping others to let go of the past and choose the path of joy. Danét is also passionate about creating a ‘Yummy Way Movement’ with a worldwide community committed to living joy. She has a weekly podcast, The Yummy Way – With Parker & Danét which she cohosts with her son Parker.

What We Discuss with Danét Palmer:

  • Her morning meetings with the Divine began
  • Growing out of her fear and writing an 800k-word book
  • Her journey through the yummy way
  • Everything is going your way
  • Her challenges in writing the book
  • Not making writing a big thing and just doing it – just show up!

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