Truth Wanted 05.23 06-10-2022 with ExXtian Erin and Scott Baker


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What’s everyone’s favorite day of the week? If you said Friday, you’re correct, and not just because it’s time for Truth Wanted! This week, Erin is joined by atheist content creator Scott Baker. This week’s Patron of the week is Kori K Reine! Thank you for the support Keri, you get the corner piece of lasagna! Melissa’s got a few good reasons that she thinks the USA is a Christian nation. Erin agrees that having Christian events as stat holidays is favoritism, and that political candidates who don’t espouse religious belief stand a far smaller chance of being elected. Scott talks about how the Christian nationalist agenda has twisted formerly secular American traditions. Terry’s up next, and we quickly move from “Christmas is stolen from pagans” to a truly strange and long-winded no true scotsman fallacy. All Christians nations are fake because of the plurality of biblical interpretation? I think? Erin isn’t having it, she interrupts this odd sermon, and Scott quickly pokes a few holes in this caller’s argument before we move on. Next up is Isaiah, he’s got a theist friend, Scott’s got a theist friend, how do we navigate holding opposing beliefs with our pals? Scott thinks maturity is key, and Erin recommends setting boundaries, and sticking to the stuff that made you friends in the first place. Pick your battles Isaiah! Nate in Canada is looking for ideas on handling theists in the workplace, specifically a Muslim subordinate. Balancing the urge to free minds with remaining productive in the workplace is tough, Erin recommends Street Epistemology combined with boundaries and restraint. Scott works from home and hasn’t had this experience, but recommends exposing Nate’s colleague to the ACA’s own former Muslim host, Apostate Prophet! This caller is likely very handsome, and also does show notes for Truth Wanted. That’s the show folks, we’ll see you all next week!

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