The Non-Prophets 21.33 08-14-2022 with Secular Rarity, Richard Firth-Godbehere, Nate Smith and Jason Sherwood


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The Non-Prophets, Episode 21.33 airing Sunday, 08-14-2022 featuring Secular Rarity, Richard Firth-Godbehere, Nate Smith and Jason Sherwood. This Sunday at 3:00 PM Central we are going to have some actual good feels in the news! So Join Secular Rarity kicking off this episode with new comer Dr Richard Firth-Godbehere, Nate Smith and myself for the latest episode. Will I finally get myself canceled? You be the judge! Up first, we ARE in Kansas, and they voted FOR abortion? What the whaa…? Yes it’s true, Kansas has voted to keep abortion protections in their state constitution. Does this mean Kansas is going Democrat? Well, there is so much more to it than that. We would have called it a step in the right direction, but it is going to take some wait and see to know where we are at. Next, we check in with the original residents of the US as they suspend Christian Missionary work! Seem they didn’t care for Christians saying Jesus is the only god and trampling over their spirituality and culture. I mean Americans wouldn’t do that… again… and again… Well this didn’t age well. Speaking of Christians, we look into how Christian Nationalism has gone mainstream. Yes, yes, the Lamestream media is now filled with hatred and your favorite congresspeople MTG and Boebert are leading the charge. I’m sure they are just happy they can finally say their quiet parts loud and proud? Lastly, we take a bit of a Looking Back at the creating of the Royal Observatory and a few of their discoveries. These discoveries would go on to teach generations about our world, the universe, and our place in it. Bringing out the truth of our universe starting, and what the Bible thinks happens. Lessons that will stand the test of time, until YouTube starts to exist…. Oops. That about wraps it up for this week. Be sure to check out all the shows this week as we have more information on the bat cruise, and catch Talk Heathen and The Atheist Experience on the 28th for another show live from The Freedom Though library! Segment 1: Progressives win in… Kansas? Three big takeaways from the Kansas abortion vote Kansas votes to protect abortion rights in state constitution Segment 2: Sioux You, Missionaries! Oglala Sioux Tribe Temporarily Suspends All Christian Missionary Work Oglala Sioux Tribe Rescinds Ordinance Suspending Churches and Missions Segment 3: Christian nationalism going mainstream After Trump, Christian nationalist ideas are going mainstream – despite a history of violence “Christian Nationalism” Used to Be Taboo. Now It’s All the Rage. Faith Is Powerful. That's Why Christian Nationalism Is So Dangerous Segment 4: Looking Back: The Genesis of Astronomy August 10: Royal Observatory Opens (1675): Churches v. Astronomy History of the Royal Observatory Rev. John Flamsteed (if you want add some trivia from the James Web) Don't like ads? Consider becoming a patron for commercial-free episodes: We welcome your comments on the thread for this show. ► ► Contact us with questions or news stories at:

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