The Non-Prophets 21.32 08-07-2022 with Cynthia McDonald, Teo el Ateo, Kelley Laughlin, and Malty


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The Non-Prophets, Episode 21.32 airing Sunday, August 7, 2022 featuring Cynthia, Mateo, Kelley and Malty. This week on The Non-Prophets we wanted to give you a little warning. You should always Watch out for Those Robber Alien cats! You never know when they are going to take over your area and steal all that you hold dear. At least until the insurance adjuster comes, but I am getting a head of myself. We have a powerhouse cast with Cynthia McDonald leading the charge with Teo el Ateo, Kelley Laughlin, and Malty. Let’s get into it! For our first segment we look into Pope Francis’ apology tour and see how it’s going. So how are things going Frankie! Wait, why are you in a native headdress? Oh Frankie! Well can’t wait till next year when Pope Francis does an apology tour to apologize for this apology tour. Hopefully he doesn’t go in black face… Up next, THIS IS A STICK UP! A Prosperity Pastor gets robbed of all his jewelry while he is giving a sermon! Hundreds of dollars… no wait, thousands of dollars… What? $1 million dollars of jewelry has been reported to their insurance agency. Now we can’t say it is fraud. We just look into some other shady dealing this pastor has had a history of. Previously, on The Handmaid’s Tale. Oh wait sorry, this is just Kenneth Copeland coming out with a “Watchman Decree”. Oh and it is fully canon with Christofacists. Well thankfully we don’t have any of those in positions of power right? This is a scary one viewer discretion is advised. Last segment this week we have a close encounter of a fury kind as science has figured out what all us dog people have known for years. Cats, with their murder mittens are IN FACT an invasive species! You heard it here first! Those jerk demons will worm your way into your home promising a mouse free lifestyle, but soon they are knocking water off your table and plotting the downfall of the human race! We also get a little bit of viewer mail which we read for your enjoyment. Send us more and hear your words come out from our amazing hosts! This about wraps it up for this week’s show which you can find premiering Sunday at 3:00 PM central. See you there! Segment 1: Pope Watch! - Pope’s Cosplay plus gets strong reactions Mateo Leads Pope in headdress stirs deep emotions in Indian Country Tribal leaders, members react to pope’s apology on schools Segment 2: Prosperity Pastor gets plucked - Malty Leads NYPD: Preacher, wife robbed of $1M in jewelry during sermon Brooklyn pastor says he and his wife were robbed of more than $1 million in jewelry while preaching Segment 3: Shit Internet Apologist Say… ‘Watchman Decree’ is new canon for Christofacists - Cynthia Leads The ‘Watchman Decree’ is a scary vision of Christian nationalism in action Kenneth Copeland's Christofacist "Watchman Decree" is straight out of The Handmaid's Tale Segment 4: Strange But True…Close Encounter of the Fury Kind - Kelley Leads Scientists Just Classified Cats as an "Invasive Alien Species." Here's Why. Cats are an invasive alien species, claims Polish scientific institute Don't like ads? Consider becoming a patron for commercial-free episodes: We welcome your comments on the thread for this show. ► ► Contact us with questions or news stories at:

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