The Atheist Experience 26.23 06-05-2022 with Shannon Q and Forrest Valiai


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Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of The Atheist Experience. This week, Shannon Q is joined by the one and only Forrest Valkai! First up is Anthony from VA who is calling to argue that the body of God is the universe. The argument is founded on the idea that complex arrangements of atoms can lead to consciousness, and solar systems look similar to atoms and they might be the atoms of God? Next up is Noah from CA, a deist who claims that we are born and are currently living in hell. They abhorrently suggest that all of the sufferings that occurs in the world is just the waiting room to get to the perfect place, and is something that we can all laugh about later once we get to the other place after spending years being hazed by this bully of God. Piss off! Next up is Jeffrey from PA who believes that God created two genders. The idea of two genders is a very antiquated western viewpoint that is not reflected by other cultures. Thank you for being a great caller Jeffrey. John from Canada is the less pleasant version of the last caller. Good use of assertions buddy. Next is Gohan from TX who has questions regarding the pro-choice argument that relates to abortion (the fetus’s use of the mother’s uterus), and organ donation. Our final call is Tony from MA who presents the idea religion encourages narcissism and platforms for extreme narcissists.

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