Procrastination, the artists evil. Do you succumb procrastination?


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Jules, Rachel, and Stephanie discuss procrastination and what they do and don't do - perhaps this will resonate with you (I rhymed there :) !

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Key talking points:

  • Stephanie: her personality requires her to be doing something all the time, but she does find she procrastinates on painting because of potential interruptions
  • Jule: if she is the one setting the deadlines, she'll easily push it off. But if she owes it to someone, she'll stay on task.
  • This is where I coach or accountability can help you not push off the deadlines that move you forward.
  • Rachel's procrastination comes from going down rabbit holes, and squirrel moments.
  • Draw out the 4 quadrants to determine what is important and urgent to meet the goals (Urgent-Important, Urgent - Not important, Not Urgent - Important, Not Urgent - Not important)
  • Advice: Flip the narrative - make a goal of nos instead of yeses. Take the shots like Michael Jordan.
  • Advice: Take imperfect actions.
  • Advice: If you are really struggling moving forward find a coach that will hold you accountable, who specializes in your niche, and who is not a friend, who can be objective.

We'd love to hear what do you do to overcome procrastination, email us at

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