‘Anesthesiology News Presents’: An Exclusive Interview with Jodi Kuhlman, MD, on Her Recovery from Fentanyl Addiction


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In this exclusive feature of “Anesthesiology News Presents,” Jodi Kuhlman, MD, comes forward to share her story of fentanyl addiction and drug diversion for the very first time. Kuhlman’s story was first published anonymously in a feature in the women’s magazine Marie Claire, in 2019. She recently decided to come forward to share her story directly to bring more awareness about the dangers of drug abuse and addiction for anesthesiologists.

Kuhlman is an anesthesiologist in Calhoun, Ga. She has also partnered with IntelliGuard in a joint effort to advocate for better drug diversion practices and awareness in hospitals around the United States.

“Anesthesiology News Presents” is the podcast network for Anesthesiology News including “On the Case,” a behind-the-scenes look into the popular case reports published in the news magazine; “Ask the Experts,” an up-close and personal conversation series with some of the leading experts in the field; and “The Etherist,” the flagship series that delves into the key stories shaping the specialty in the past, present and future.

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