How to Implement Ecommerce Storytelling with Seth Erickson of Storify Agency


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Most people think stories and storytelling are just for entertainment. However, this is a misconception. Stories contain data built in a pattern that repeats itself in every human's daily experience. This pattern is known as "The Hero's Journey." For instance, some days you're storming the castle, and some days you're chained up in the dungeon. Either way, we are all heroes on our journey, experiencing the same pattern in our own lives. This shared experience is why "The Hero's Journey" resonates with everyone across cultures, religions, ages, and sexes. We all live in it, and we all know it. When you combine the knowledge of a familiar pattern with what current neuroscience is telling us, you begin to realize a few things. The brain is very similar to a computer. Because the brain is similar to a computer, it has an OS Since there's an OS, there are also apps and firewalls. If there are apps, then there's a way to code applications. So, storytelling and "The Heroes Journey" become more than a way to entertain people. It also becomes the key to how you code applications on the customer's mind. When you connect the dots, it gives you a way to hack humans. At Storify, Seth believes any startup can learn how to tell better stories. His startups know how to communicate better, make their value crystal clear to the marketplace, and outpace the competition. What you’ll learn What is the interaction between photos and words on a PDP? How do we even start with trying to tell stories on a DTC ecommerce site? Identify the need/the problem your product solves. Customer hero of story How do we turn that into a story? Hero’s Journey How to hack humans - storytelling for startups What services do you offer? Find out more on their website and get the 1st chapter of book, Neuroscience Prime, for free!

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