100 Words of Solitude: Global Voices in Lockdown


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100 Words of Solitude is a collection of writing on the subject of the solitude and isolation resulting from the Covid lockdowns. 100 pieces of of exactly 100 words each by 100 writers from all around the world based on the Rare Swan Press publication and from the original concept by Simon and Philippa Holloway.
Trigger warning: The podcast contains descriptions of death, loneliness, isolation and of mental illness. If these are likely to upset or disturb you we suggest you skip this podcast.
Our podcast is presented by Sally Walker Taylor

The readers are Sally Walker Taylor, Marie-Claire Wood and Chris Gregory

Production, sound design, music and soundscapes are by Chris Gregory with sound effects from freesound.org
You heard interviews with Philippa Holloway and Renee Sigel

You can buy a copy of 100 Words of Solitude from Rare Swan Press here https://rareswan.wordpress.com/rare-swan-bookshop/

Find out more about 100 Words of Solitude by visiting the project’s website here https://100wordsofsolitude.wordpress.com/

Follow the project on twitter https://twitter.com/100WordSolitude

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/100WordsOfSolitude

Visit Rare Swan Press’s website for news on 100 Words and all their other fantastic publications here rareswanpress.com
Follow the press on twitter https://twitter.com/rare_swan_press

And Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rareswanpress/

Renee Sigel of Rare Swan Press is also the publisher of the fabulous Literati Magazine which you can find out more about here https://literati-magazine.com/

The 100 Words of Solitude project was established to record literary responses to enforced or self imposed isolation during the 2020 Covid 19 lockdowns, It gives voices to writers across the world to capture the emotional, cultural and social impact of isolation due to the pandemic. This is an audio representation of some of the pieces from the collection.
Heartbreak in the Time of Corona - Aisha Hamid

For Robby Browne New York - Attracta Fahy

Barrier Nursing – Tony Osgood

Brumation – Hannah Ingeborg

Deadlines and Cuddles - Shannon Kenny

Lenses and Laughter - R.J Kinnarney

The Kids - Manuela Palacios

Everything is Connected – Oz Hardwick

Palimpsest – Brian Kirk

Solitude - Amantine Brodeur

Untitled – Aymeric Fromentin

People Watching in the Age of Self Isolation – Christina Parisi

Green White Hysteria - Blessing Jegede

2020-05d02. – Jurgen Schoneich

What About The Homeless? Ibrahim Babátúndé Ibrahim

Burnt City - Paras Abbasi

Absence - Debabrata Sahoo

Nomadic – Dominique Hecq

Germ Hunt – Alison Lock

Brooding - Mandira Pattnaik

Remote Therapy - Natalie Reilly-Johnson

The City Haunted by Kites – Katie Piper

A New York City Keening – Joanne Sutton-Smith

Golden Angels – Shampa Sinha

Never Forgotten - Cindy Matthews

Love Me As I Am – Paula Gannon-Savvides
Close - Eleni S Askim

Sincerest and heartfelt thanks to all the participants in this podcast and apologies to all those writers whose work appears in the collection that we were not able to include in this show.

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