Ep. 33 - Can a Single Session of Therapy Be Helpful?


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Do you want to see a therapist but find ongoing weekly appointments unappealing? Single Session Therapy might be your jam! Tune in as Abby shares her experience meeting with Caitlin Olsen for a standalone 90-minute “Mental Health Check Up.” We then hear from Caitlin about how she came to find the value in a one time check-in with a mental health professional and who can benefit from it. Finally Caitlin describes her niche working with progressive Mormon women and Abby and Mona have a very enlightening conversation about the evolution of religion in conjunction to the evolution of healing. This is one you definitely don’t want to miss!

Caitlin Olsen Bio:

I’m Caitlin McNally Olsen, trained therapist, mental health coach, and lifelong Mormon. I live in Northern California, where my Air Force Major husband and I are raising our three young children.

After earning a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from UNLV, I worked in private practice for years, then expanded my business into coaching. I closed my therapy practice at the end of 2021 after my coaching practice took off. I love using everything I learned from my years as a therapist to coach people all across the country.

Some technical qualifications: As a LifeSTAR-educated and Addo-Certified betrayal trauma and sexual addiction specialist, I am fully trained in both mindfulness-based stress reduction and dialectical behavioral therapy. I’m also proficient in emotionally focused couples therapy and EMDR trauma treatment. And, I’ve studied parts psychology and trauma recovery yoga. If none of that makes any sense to you, don’t worry! All it means is I really know what I’m doing.

These days, I run group programs, create self-paced courses, and work 1:1 with incredible coaching clients, all under my business, Caitlin Olsen Co. I love my job and the beautiful people I get to meet and work with. It’s an endless honor and privilege to do the work I do. My mission is to destigmatize mental health care, change some family trees for the better, and bring mental health to the forefront of Mormonism.

Website: caitlinolsen.mykajabi.com

Instagram: @caitlinolsenco

Blog: behiving.com

Instagram: @allthetherapies

Editing by: Blackwell Post

Original music by: Juli Crockett

Time Stamps:

0:50 Abby and Mona discuss their curiosities for the week

4:02 Abby defines Single Session Therapy

7:34 Abby describes her experience in the session

16:30 Interview with Caitlin Olsen

17:40 Cailtin’s journey in becoming a therapist

19:59 Caitlin describes how she practices and defines what she means by a progressive Mormon therapist

28:30 Caitlin describes how she came to develop the Mental Health Check Up and the benefits of Single Session Therapy

39:56 Our favorite final question: What does Caitlin think healing is?

41:15 How to find out more about our guest, Caitlin Olsen

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