Supermassive happy snap and World Bee Day


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On today's show, we'll start with a story about an important art prize, before learning about a picture of something mysterious in our skies. Then we'll head to a fashion show featuring clothes for people with disability, and celebrate a special day for our buzziest friend – the bee! Finally, we learn about Tasmania going carbon negative. Quiz Questions: 1. What do the 14 rain clouds in the painting represent? 2. What's the word, starting with G, that explains why blackholes suck everything in? 3. What's the name for clothing designed for people with a disability? 4. What's the word, starting with P, for the way bees help plants and flowers grow? 5. What does carbon negative mean? Bonus Tricky Question: How many times has an indigenous artist won the Archibald prize? Answers: 1. How many days and nights it rained in Lismore 2. Gravity, or gravitational pull 3. Adaptive clothing 4. Pollination 5. They take more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere than they put in Bonus Tricky Answer: Two; Blak Douglas is the second.

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