E12: New Earth & Recreation


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That's re-creation, as in to remake, not recreation as in a fun time. Don't worry, Jen made that mistake too! This week, we head into the future. The Doctor and Rose arrive on New Earth and meet old friends and enemies in a hospital which can cure every disease. But nefarious deeds are afoot! Lady Cassandra is back, and The Doctor is still figuring out what kind of man he is, so we simply had to ask...what does it mean to remake yourself? And how much room is there for that really, when so much of our identity is tied up in societal perceptions.


We're shifting to a fortnightly schedule so next episode will be out Wednesday, 28 September.

Please be aware that we can be a bit sweary. Soz not soz.

We acknowledge Māori as tangata whenua of Aotearoa New Zealand, where we record.

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Here's the reference list for this ep:

Feminist perspectives on the Self (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

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