The Last Ride S.31 Ep.1


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It's an all new Dateline season! They are turning 31 in their cycle of television history and we sure are glad to be along for the ride! Keith Morrison is giving us the details of a wild case involving the murder of an up and coming cycling star ( you could call her the ROADs scholar of the hobby) and the main suspect in her killing who leaves a trail of sketchy behavior as she flees from the authorities. Kimberly and Katie discuss what we know about the case so far, what we don't know yet, yoga lifestyles of the rich and famous, tandem dating in the modern age and the first ever no fashion fashion police! Set your clock to island time and prepare to fall into the teal waters of Keith Morrison's eyes with A DATE WITH DATELINE: Who Spoke the Truth?/ Chain of Evidence.

Official Description from NBCU: Keith Morrison reports on the murder of star gravel cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson and interviews insiders in the case that sparked worldwide headlines.

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This episode is dedicated to Amy B and Jo C. From OHIO! We have lots of questions about Ohio! Do you bike there? Are there hot air balloon races? We can’t thank you enough for being a part of our Patreon community!

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