Stories from the Subconscious


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The Stories from the Subconscious Podcast is a repository of real life inspiring stories about what actually can happen with hypnosis. Mae Deevy, Host of Stories from the Subconscious, is fueled by stories because she believes that we are all storytellers. However, some stories we are aware of and others we are not. For example, before a big presentation or date you may look yourself in the mirror and give yourself that, "you can do this!" pep-talk. Or perhaps you miss your turn while driving and say something like, "Ugh, I'm such an idiot!" Maybe you yell at your kid or dog in a moment of frustration and then we tell ourselves "I am the worst parent ever." Are these truths? Or are these just stories? Because the truth is: the sooner we become aware of these "stories," the sooner we can re-write them. That's a pretty exciting thought, isn't it?! And the reason hypnosis (or hypnotherapy) works is because the transformation happens in the subconscious mind (which is the vault that stores our emotions, beliefs, patterns and habits). So join Mae as she meets with Certified Hypnotherapists each episode to find out what brought them to try hypnotherapy, what their first experience was like, and what it made available for them. In addition, the first week of every month features a hypnosis episode so that you can experience it for yourself and step into the seat of the intentional storyteller. Mae Deevy is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Aromatherapist, and Integrative Life Coach who helps clients exit those exhausting "limiting belief" stories so that they can create the space needed to then step into the ideal life that they envision. She uses hypnotherapy, aromatherapy and conscious language to support transformation at the subconscious-level. Mae has a light-hearted, fun and spirited approach to sharing stories that just may make you wonder: What story am I telling myself today? And what story would I like to live instead?

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