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Join Xbox Achievements and PlayStation Trophies' British trio - Dan, Lee and Rich - as they talk all things Xbox and PlayStation, from topical news and and what they've been playing, to achievements & trophies, and whatever floats their boat. Expect fun, games, random shenanigans and possible controversial opinions. Scrap that, definite controversial opinions.
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With Lee's wife's due date just around the corner, Dan, Lee and Rich sit down for one last time before Lee's paternity leave to talk all things video games. This week, The Witcher 3, Star Wars Battlefront and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain are high on the agenda, as is their Games Media Award win. Yes, they can now say they're award winning. …
It's been a busy week in the games industry, what with the voice actor strike looking more increasingly like it'll happen, that and plenty of video game news with talk of Cyberpunk 2077, the announcement of Halo 5's Forge and much more. Plus, the guys talk about what they've been playing, from Star Wars Battlefront and Transformers Devastation to M…
Oh boy, here we go again... the run into the holiday period, so that means one thing: VIDEO GAMES. Episode 40 sees the guys gush over Battlefront (still), while Dan talks about his experiences with Halo 5 & Rise of the Tomb Raider and Rich talks about the many, many games he's been snowed under with. Yes, Lee talks some Destiny, but also has two ge…
We've been all around the world (well, we've been to Cologne and Seattle), but our hearts were always with you, dear listener. So settle down as we discuss our adventures, the games we've played and the week's biggest video game happenings. It's big new games and weekly podcasts from here on in.XBA & PST
Still reeling from last episode's redacted Arkham Knight spoiler from Rich, Dan reluctantly returns to the couch this week to talk about the worst game he's ever played, plus news, more game related shenanigans and the longest intro the podcast has ever had. Ever.XBA & PST
A lot has happened in the last 4 weeks, and after a long hiatus - blame E3, Vegas, illness and bloody London! - the guys are back in full force discussing the week's news, what they've been playing and what the future holds. Prepare for plenty of ignorance, shenanigans, oh, and Lee forgetting the names of various Transformers.…
For weeks now publishers have been teasing and announcing their plans for the games industry's biggest events. With only a few days to go, Dan, Rich and Lee talk about their predictions and desires from this year's show. The hype begins now, people.XBA & PST
2015 has been a glorious year thus far, when you think about it. For one, we've had The Witcher 3 and all its gloriousness to delight us, and now, Bethesda has announced Fallout 4. Naturally, that's where the conversation goes this week, as well as looking at the week's biggest news and rumours, like Dark Souls 3 and more.…
E3 might still be another month away... like, literally, but that doesn't stop the games industry's cogs from turning. In this week's episode, Dan, Lee and Rich turn their attention to the Fallout 4 leak, the Assassin's Creed Syndicate reveal and Lee sings the praises of the magical Witcher 3.XBA & PST
The XBA and PST crew sit down this week to cry over the recent cancellation of Silent Hills, and to wax lyrical over the newly announced Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, which Dan went to play at Treyarch recently. Expect more of the usual bizarre tangents and off-topic shenanigans.XBA & PST
E3 is still a few months off, but that doesn't stop the games industry announcing new Deus Ex, Guitar Hero and Call of Duty games in the run up to it, and this week the guys turn their attention to that. Elsewhere, Lee talks about his cat woes, Dan rants about on-disc DLC and Star Wars comes up. A lot.…
With the lull in interesting news this week, Dan, Lee and Rich's attention turns to Bloodborne. Dan tells us how he got on while Lee somehow compares it to Destiny. There is logic there, honestly.XBA & PST
A lot can happen in 3 weeks, and it did. After a short break, the XBA & PST chaps return to talk about Hideo Kojima, Star Wars' upcoming unveiling, Battlefield Hardline and how Souls noob, Dan, is getting on with Bloodborne.XBA & PST
From the comfort of Resero HQ, Dan, Lee and Rich reflect on all the week's big news, including a new standalone Wolfenstein expansion, Rock Band 4, the console version of Wasteland 2 and more. Oh, and Dan promises to sing. Gulp.XBA & PST
Rejoice as the lads return to a ton of video game news this week, whether you're talking about the fact that GTA V's online Heists being dated or the fact that Fable Legends is going free-to-play, they cover it all. It's a good 'un this week! It truly is!XBA & PST
From a week where everything happened to a week where nothing happened. Quite literally. The guys did get their full English on though, in what they're calling the most British episode ever, featuring bizarre off-topic tangents that include the BBC, EastEnders, and of course, the chiefly British The Order 1886.…
It's been a busy two weeks for the XBA and PST trio, but after a week off, the three return to discuss Fallout 4, the new Battlefront, Dying Light, Evolve and more. Oh, and Persona 5. Derp.XBA & PST
It's been a tough few weeks for the Full English guys and this week sees them to return to their usual format. That means: the week's big talking points, what Dan thought of The Witcher 3, what the team think of Dying Light, and of course, your mum.XBA & PST
In what is essentially the first podcast of the 2015 season, the lads take to the couch of knowledge once again, but this time with an eye on the future. Dan, Lee and Rich discuss 54 titles that are set for a 2015 release, speculate on what else we might see and talk about what they're looking forward to most. It's sure to be a belter!…
We always like to look back before we look forward and this year is no different. Join us for our first podcast of 2015 as we discuss our 9 biggest games of 2014 and then point out what our Game of the Year was. It might surprise you. It might not. We don't care.XBA & PST
Tis the season to be jolly and all that, and in the spirit of Christmas, Dan, Rich and Lee talk about the week's biggest news, #IDARB, Evolve, GTA V Heists, GTA V's upcoming story DLC, AC Unity's next patch and a load of Rockstar sequels. Merry Christmas, you dirty animals!XBA & PST
In what will no doubt be the last big news centric week in 2014, Dan, Lee and Rich return to discuss the PlayStation Experience, the Game Awards, The Crew and so much more. Give it a listen... if only to make sense of the title.XBA & PST
Some people argue Dan, Lee and Rich don't tackle the big issues. Well, this week they are: how would you kill a Chocobo? Other than that, the Brits discuss Assassin's Creed: Victory, the new PS1-esque PS4, 2K's new studio, The Crew, Geo Wars 3 and so much more.XBA & PST
A feeling of normality and calm swept across the office this week, so the chaps embrace that, the week's biggest news and what they've been playing. That, and the lament the loss of Rich's beard after it got chopped off during a livestream.XBA & PST
Rejoice! The mental review period is over! The lads reflect on this amazing piece of news, and more importantly, talk about GTA V next-gen, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Far Cry 4 and there's even a story about Cuprinol. We're not sure why, but there is.XBA & PST
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